We Modify Rugged Solid State Drives to Meet the Demands of Military & Aerospace Applications

MSS brings value to your program when standard COTS Solid State Drives can't just be dropped into your system.

  • MSS provides any combination of removability
  • Non-standard connections/cabling
  • Power conditioning/protection
  • EMI protection
  • Ingress protection sealing
  • Operational temperature extension
  • Handling protection
  • Secure/destructive erase capability

MSS can tailor COTS Solid State products to meet your particular system and program requirements at minimal cost, building from our standard offerings. MSS assists customers through the entire life cycle of their program, from design, integration, and qualification to production and end-of-life support and mitigation.

For more information on custom solutions, visit our Custom Solutions page.

  • Removable Solid State Drives from MSS utilize high insertion drive/docking bay combinations
  • MSS standard removable products can be customized
  • When thermal transfer is paramount, fastening is achieved through rail, thumbscrews or wedge lock systems

  • Customized packages designed to customer specification
  • Military or non-standard connectors, power and signal cables
  • Flex cables developed by MSS are customizable for difficult routings
  • Secure cable strain relief for high shock and vibration environments
  • Reduced size, weight, and power

Programable solid state drive to pre-set secure erase functions when erase hardware (button) is initiated.

MSS's sealed enclosures are designed to drastically reduce EMI and increase the ability to pass stringent validation testing.

  • Sealed enclosures and conformal coating ensure compliance to DO-160 and MIL-STD requirements
  • Screening can be done at custom temperature increments and at lower costs than OEMs
  • When power is available, heaters may be employed to meet low-end specifications