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COTS & Custom Rugged Electronics Enclosures that Perform Flawlessly in Extreme Conditions

Since 1985, Mountain Secure Systems (MSS) has been providing the most reliable rugged electronic solutions in the world for the aerospace and defense industries, particularly in the area of rugged data storage systems. Our sealed rugged hard drives, packaged solid state memory solutions and in-flight entertainment (IFE) solutions are built in a world-class manufacturing facility in Colorado that meets stringent quality management standards set by the military. From submarine-based data-collection systems to mission-critical data logging on the space shuttle, we engineer our rugged storage systems for superior performance and durability that will outlast the harshest environments.

Examples of our ruggedized electronics include:

  • Custom Rugged Fibre Channel Conversion sled for SATA HS
  • Custom Rugged Fibre Channel Conversion sled for SSD
  • Ruggedized Data Storage for Extreme Cold Environments
  • Rugged Disk Drives for High Altitude, High Gravitational Force Applications
  • Rugged JBOD for Harsh Environment, Military, Submarine and Aerospace Applications
  • Custom Engineered Data and Memory Storage Solutions For Military/Defense, NASA, Aerospace, and more
  • Rugged Airborne Data Storage
  • Rugged Airborne Recording
  • Ruggedized Mobile Computing
  • Ruggedized Remote Computing
  • Shipboard Data Storage System
  • Submarine Communications Data Storage
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Rugged Hard Drive Disk Recorders
  • Rugged Hard Disk Drive Storage Solutions
  • Custom Rugged Disk Drive and Data Storage Systems Engineered For Your Applications
  • Optical Drive Mass Memory Storage for Harsh and Extreme Environment Applications
  • Commercial Airline Data Storage and Playback Solution


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